Tech Drive for Incline Middle School

Incline Education Fund is working with Incline Middle School and the Incline Middle School Jr. Boosters to create an equitable solution for all students. 

We need to raise $100,000 to provide every Incline Middle School student a laptop.

Now more than ever, our students need access to their own laptop. The “remote side” of a hybrid learning environment only works if everyone has a device to use. Preferably, the same device, so that teachers are not losing valuable instructional time to deal with tech issues. Our teachers are there to teach the curriculum, they can’t do that without the proper tools.

35% of Incline Middle School students have to share a device with a family member. You can’t learn at home if it’s not “your turn” to use the computer or if you can’t bring one to school.

Laptops were needed prior to COVID-19. Now, the laptops are a requirement to participate. Incline Middle School students need to prepare for the rigor of high school and can only do so if given the tools to do so. Help us bring a positive, long-term solution to this immediate problem.

You shouldn’t be excluded from learning just because you can’t afford a laptop.


Please put “IMS Tech Drive” either on your check or in the Special Instructions box if making a credit card donation. Thank you so much for your support!