Incline Middle School Tech - 1:1 Computer Drive 

Program Partners:  Incline Village REALTORS Good Neighbor Committee, The Tahoe Lending Group, Rotary Club of Incline Village, Rotary Club of Tahoe-Incline, Cornerstone Church, and Incline Middle School Jr. Boosters

Incline Education Fund (IEF) raised over $100,000 to provide a laptop for every Incline Middle School student.

The Covid-19 pandemic created an urgent need for laptops for each of our students. It was very obvious that the “remote side” of a hybrid learning environment would only work if everyone had a device to use to attend their virtual classes. 

When school opened in the Fall of 2020, IEF learned that 35% of Incline Middle School students had to share a device with a family member. You can’t learn at home if it’s not “your turn” to use the computer or if you can’t bring one to school or if there isn’t one for you to use at school.

IEF launched a “Tech Drive” to get students the tools they needed. Enlisting the support of the Incline Village REALTORS Good Neighbor Committee, the Tahoe Lending Group, Incline service groups and the general Incline community, IEF was able to raise enough money to provide a laptop for every student.

Incline Middle School students can now not only learn remotely, but they also have the right tools to prepare for the rigors of Incline High School while they are in school.

IEF really came to our rescue during COVID as not all of our students had access to their own computer device for distance learning.  We were struggling to stay engaged with the students and they were falling behind academically.  IEF was instrumental in helping our school raise over $100,000 to purchase laptops for every IMS student!!  The laptops continue to be a positive support to our students on a daily basis both in school and at home.  Without IEF, our students would not have access to this valuable technology.

Kari Michael, Principal, Incline Middle School

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