Safe Schools: Our Response to Covid-19

Incline Schools Keep Safe Flyer

Pivoting to meet the immediate demand for “a safer learning environment” created by the COVID-19 crisis, Incline Education Fund mobilized to find a solution. In doing so, the Incline Education Fund created both:

  • Outdoor Classrooms. By working with each school or their parent groups (Boosters), Incline Education Fund purchased: tents, sun shades, tree stump seating, whiteboards and portable hand-washing stations for all of our K-12 Incline Schools (Incline Elementary School, Incline Middle School, Incline High School and Lake Tahoe School), enabling each to hold some of their classes outside.
  • Safer indoor classrooms. The Incline Middle and Incline High School buildings are both over 50 years old and do not have adequate air filtration systems. The Incline High School Boosters and Incline Education Fund purchased both air purifiers for interior classrooms and remote teaching equipment (webcams and microphones) for teachers to make the remote teaching experience the best that it can be.