Due to COVID-19 protocols, all events are currently suspended. Please check back later.

Incline Education Fund periodically hosts community events, webinars, movies, and expert speakers to promote awareness and inspire dialogue on a range of current event topics including mental health, online learning, managing screen time. Recent events include:

Challenge Success Webinars (2)  May 26 and May 28, 2020.

IEF put together a webinar for Incline Village parents to explore practical tips and guidelines for what families can do to best support student well-being and engagement with online learning during the Covid-19 crisis. The program also discussed the impact remote learning will have on a child’s academic journey.

Clint Malarchuk: A Matter of Inches

Former NHL goaltender and mental health advocate, Clint Malarchuk, spoke to the general Incline Village community on Thursday, March 12, 2020 at the Lake Tahoe School Academic and Performing Arts Complex and Incline High School students on Friday, March 13th.

A joint effort from the Sierra Community House, Lake Tahoe School and the Incline Education Fund, the event came about in the aftermath of the suicide of an Incline High School graduate during the summer of 2019. Past speaking with community members throughout the fall, the Incline Education Fund felt that this issue was of paramount concern. IEF brought together community partners and residents to share information and resources that may be available to those in need.

Malarchuk shared with the crowd that his journey with mental illness started when he was a child. In his early years, his obsessive-compulsive traits helped him become a successful professional athlete. 

A brutal on-ice accident and the subsequent attention from a similar accident many years later triggered the crisis that forced Clint to come to terms with his mental health struggle. He found a way not only to adjust to his brain chemistry, but also to find a way to thrive and give back to the greater world around him.

Throughout his talk, Clint shared with the crowd his tips to managing his mental health and how those tips might help others in need. He also spoke about the need to ask for help and to be honest with the struggles one may be facing.  

He reminded the crowd that mental illness is an illness and ineffective brain chemistry is at fault, not the person struggling. 

With an awareness that mental health issues affect not only the individual but also the family that is trying to provide support, Clint Malarchuk’s wife, Joanie Malarchuk, joined Clint for the event. She spoke about her journey toward understanding and living with a loved one suffering from mental illness.  

At the end of the event, the Malarchuks remained available for individual conversations. Many attendees took time to share their personal concerns or reflections with the couple.  

Upon leaving, a high school parent thanked the Incline Education Fund for bringing Clint to Incline Village. With family members who suffer from mental illness, she was thrilled to be able to attend a local event.

Dress for Success / Mock Interview

Say Yes to the Dress (free prom attire)

The “Dress for Success” & “Mock Interview” program is a collaboration with Incline High School, IVGID, the Incline Library and numerous community members. Students are taught resume writing and participate in live practice job interviews with local business people. In addition, they learn to “shop” for appropriate business attire donated by the community.

“Say Yes to the Dress” was started by the Incline Village Library and supported by IEF. Free formal wear (donated by the local community) was provided to students attending the Incline High School Prom.  

The programs began in 2019 and were enthusiastically attended. Both of these programs were canceled in March (2020) due to Covid gathering restrictions in Nevada, but will hopefully be run in Spring 2021.  


Incline Education Fund held its inaugural community event  Monday, October 21, 2019 hosting the movie, Screenagers at the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center.  

Before a full house of more than 80 attendees, IEF Founder and Executive Director, Mary Danahey called the event a “definitive success” and was encouraged to see more than a few parents attend the screening with their children.

In keeping with Incline Educations Funds’ mission of collaborating with local non-profits Courtenay Wallpe, PhD, of Positive Pivot Coaching, led a community conversation after the Screenagers’ showing.

Wallpe skillfully guided the crowd in discussing how video and computer device screen time is handled in local households as well as navigating the issue with grandchildren or other extended family members.  

At the end of the evening, she offered a variety of tips for parents, grandparents and even children present for setting up screen contracts that would work for all involved.

Prior to the community showing of Screenagers, IEF held showings of the documentary for students at Incline Middle and High School and parents at Incline Elementary School. Discussion groups held within each of the schools promoted the lessons offered within the movie.